Laboratory analyses have become an important part of archaeological research. The work conducted in our facilities can help you better understand how, where, and why your artefacts were made, enabling you to answer key questions about technology and exchange in past societies. Our lab has worked extensively with industrial partners, offering them quick, reliable, and accurate instrumental analyses. Contact us today to discuss your analytical needs.

Our Staff:
Kamal Badreshany (Research Officer) completed his doctoral dissertation at the University of Chicago and is currently a Research Associate in the Department of Archaeology at Durham University. He is currently managing a large-scale project focused on the materials analysis of archaeological ceramics. Through participation in collaborative research projects, he has gained substantial experience in the qualitative and quantitative analyses and high resolution imaging of materials such as soils, rocks, glass, metals, and various organic samples. Kamal specialises in the use of optical microscopy (thin-section petrography), SEM-EDS, XRD, EDXRF, and processing ICP -AES and -MS data. He also has extensive experience with digital image analysis and statistical software packages.

Peter Brown (Technician) is currently working on a doctoral dissertation investigating the impact of natural disasters on medieval European societies.

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